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This was the title of the poem read by the young poet Amanda Gorman at the inauguration ceremony of the new President of the United States on 20 January 2021. This title perfectly reflects our state of mind as we look back over the 12 past troubled months. The COVID-19 pandemic is everywhere. It is disrupting not only our lives but also the Swiss health system.

This was the title of the poem read by the young poet Amanda Gorman at the inauguration ceremony of the new President of the United States on 20 January 2021. This title perfectly reflects our state of mind as we look back over the 12 past troubled months. The COVID-19 pandemic is everywhere. It is disrupting not only our lives but also the Swiss health system.

The crisis we have been experiencing since March 2020 has affected us all considerably. It has affected our private lives, our working lives, our hobbies, our dreams. In 2020, everything was brought to a standstill.

The pandemic we have been going through for over a year has turned everything upside down. Fear and uncertainty have taken over. The consequences are only just beginning to be felt and will stay with us for many months, if not years. This health, economic and social crisis has shaken many of our certainties. And yet. Thanks to resilience, courage and our capacity to adapt and, sometimes at the cost of overwhelming sacrifices, the system has held strong. WE have stood firm.

The Swiss health system too has resisted. Hospitals have resisted thanks to the outstanding work performed by exemplary medical staff. Our social insurance systems have held strong thanks to solid foundations. However, we are paying the price and will continue to do so, because entire sections of the Swiss economy have been hit hard. Above all, physical and mental health have never been so badly affected. Especially among young people and the elderly. Everyone in fact.

And yet, we must continue to climb that hill and to find innovative solutions to remain loyal to our spirit of solidarity and our origins. In order to remain close to you, our customers. To achieve this, Groupe Mutuel has strengthened its internal sales force to improve its services, particularly in German-speaking Switzerland. We have also expanded our teams to better support you.

What have we done to alleviate the consequences of this unprecedented crisis? We have made every effort to provide uninterrupted, high-quality, fast and efficient services to our customers. We have protected the health of our employees who represent the foundation of the company's future development. These two principles have driven our approach during the crisis. We repaid 101 million Swiss francs to close to 80% of our insured persons. We donated 1 million Swiss francs to SMEs thanks to the DireQt campaign supported by QoQa. And we donated 1 million Swiss francs to the “Chaîne du Bonheur” to help those in need. We temporarily suspended the deadlines for all our commercial rents in order to help SMEs, and even offered up to two months' rent to a number of craftsmen, shopkeepers and restaurant owners who were experiencing financial difficulties. We also put in place a number of measures to help those who are currently facing hardship, such as by waiving reminder fees or offering payment facilities. We have been proactive, responsive and supportive. We have placed human values at the heart of our business, our transformation and our strategy.

In these troubled times, the financial results for 2020 are therefore somewhat anecdotal, but they remain balanced in the health sector (AOS/OKP). And on the rise for supplemental insurance. Business results have increased significantly in the corporate sector, where we are once again able to strengthen our market shares.

Thanks to our financial strength, we are able to ensure stability for the entire system and to look to the future with confidence. Our financial reserves, in the same way as the equity of any other company, are essential but not excessive. They amount to approximately three months' worth of invoices sent in by our customers. Furthermore, we have decided to reduce our financial reserves by 50 million Swiss francs to redistribute this amount to our policyholders. The intention to reduce our financial reserves, still to be approved by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), is in line with the repayment of CHF 101 million that took place in 2020. Financial reserves serve to deal with unexpected events and the period we are currently going through has shown us how important this is. It is not part of our strategy to increase reserves unnecessarily. Beyond any political tensions, we are facing up to our responsibilities and taking concrete action in the interest of our policyholders.

Groupe Mutuel is not only a health insurer. We aim to be your overall health partner and your retirement benefits’ specialist during your entire life, whether you are an individual person or a company. Our goal is to support you in the best possible way, for example by offering new digital services to make your life easier and to provide you with prevention advice. This is done by always placing human beings, patients, insured persons and customers at the centre of our concerns at all times. We aim to put these values at the heart of our business in order to strengthen our corporate culture. We hope that you will enjoy going through this activity report, which highlights our corporate culture and values.

Let us continue this progression together. Let us climb the hill together.

Karin Perraudin, President
Thomas Boyer, CEO

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Amount refunded to policyholders, due to take place in 2022, depending on the status of financial reserves as at 31.12.2020.

Health sector

A stable financial year
The turnover in the Health sector amounted to CHF 5.27 billion.
This result contributed significantly to the balanced performance of Groupe Mutuel Holding SA.

Turnover under LAMal/KVG
The gross premium volume for compulsory health insurance (LAMal/KVG) levelled at CHF 4.12 billion. On the other hand, insurance benefits amounted to CHF 4 billion and the positive surplus for LAMal/KVG insurance reached CHF 6 million, an amount that was fully credited to the financial reserves.

Private supplemental insurance LCA/VVG & LAA/UVG
Private supplemental insurance products offered by the two private insurance companies, Groupe Mutuel Assurances GMA SA and Mutuel Assurances SA, ended 2020 with a positive result of CHF 15 million.

Efficient cost tracking measures
Thanks to cost tracking measures, particularly for invoices, CHF 564 million were saved, which represents 10.4% of expenses.

Lower increase in health costs
For 2020, Groupe Mutuel estimates that health costs increased by 0.64% (at the end of February 2021). The increase was significantly less than in previous years, but it is feared that this respite for premium payers may come to an end if effective cost-containment measures are not taken.

Number of persons insured under basic AOS/OKP insurance
Competition among insurers resulted in a number of AOS/OKP policyholders leaving Groupe Mutuel. Therefore, the number of persons insured with basic insurance was 950,000 as at 31 December 2020.

Life sector

Individual pension plans remain a major concern
Despite the difficulties related to the financial markets and interest rates, life insurance products remain important and necessary for the general public, as confirmed once again by the “Worry Barometer”. According to Crédit Suisse, the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences were at the top of the list of concerns for the Swiss people in 2020 and retirement savings/AVS-AHV ranked second.

In this context, Groupe Mutuel Vie GMV SA was able to close the 2020 financial year on a successful note. Compared to 2019, the insurance underwriting improved and the financial result was able to remain at a satisfactory level. The balance sheet total rose by 7.31% to reach CHF 975 million. For financial year 2020, gross premiums for Groupe Mutuel Vie GMV SA were slightly down by 1.59% to 83.75 million and the number of policies in force as of 31 December 2020 is 39,346 policies.

Attractive insurance products
The focus of GMV is on individual life insurance with periodic premiums, to build up retirement savings or cover biometric risks (death and earning incapacity). The range of products is comprehensive and extensive but traditional combined insurance remains attractive, particularly for its financial guarantees and security. In 2020, the pricing of lump-sum benefits in the event of death was reviewed, which put GMV in an attractive position on the market.

Corporate sector

A significant increase once again
In 2020, corporate insurance continued to grow steadily, with the number of corporate clients increasing by more than 1,500 new customers to 25,500 companies insured by Groupe Mutuel. The overall turnover in this sector increased by CHF 24 million to over CHF 552 million, that is an increase of close to 5%. In terms of loss of earnings insurance, Groupe Mutuel now ranks fourth in Switzerland, ahead of most private insurers.

Successful performance of Groupe Mutuel Prévoyance-GMP
Groupe Mutuel Prévoyance-GMP also performed very well, with 2,666 affiliated companies and over 24,000 insured employees. It has an excellent coverage ratio of 115.7%. The remuneration of LPP/BVG assets was 3% in 2020, which is among the best in the market.

All insurance products under one roof
Companies are able to find the full range of insurance for their employees under one roof. The strong growth in the number of corporate clients over the past years reflects the trust placed in the quality of our services, one of our main objectives.

Prevention and health in the workplace
CorporateCare is a considerable added-value with more than 150 experts and specialists who are at the disposal of companies to support them in managing health in the workplace. Groupe Mutuel provides the framework and toolbox to ensure that all corporate health matters are managed in the best possible way.


In 2020, Patrimony insurance activities consolidated their growth, with a turnover of CHF 19 million for legal protection coverage, private liability insurance and household contents insurance pursuant to LCA/VVG.

Launch of a new insurance product
Launched in 2020, the new product CyberProtect is an insurance against risks and disputes related to the use of the Internet and new digital technologies. This modern product covers a large number of digital risks. It combines prevention services, such as the online platform MyCyberProtect (, IT and legal assistance, with first-rate insurance benefits.


Groupe Mutuel is organised in the form of a holding company. The companies that make up the holding company are active in various insurance fields, such as health, life, patrimony or corporate insurance. Groupe Mutuel Holding SA is wholly owned by Fondation Groupe Mutuel, a non-profit foundation. The Foundation supports the well-being of the general public in Switzerland, as well as health promotion and prevention measures, by carrying out a wide range of activities.

Structure of Groupe Mutuel

Structure of Groupe Mutuel

Overview of the subsidiaries of Groupe Mutuel Holding SA and their activities

Overview of the subsidiaries of Groupe Mutuel Holding SA and their activities

Organisational chart of Groupe Mutuel

Organisational chart of Groupe Mutuel
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